Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America; Application

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[Docket No. CP94-216-000]


Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America; Application

February 7, 1994.
    Take notice that on February 3, 1994, Natural Gas Pipeline Company 
of America (Natural), 701 East 22nd Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148, 
filed in Docket No. CP94-216-000 and application pursuant to section 
7(b) of the Natural Gas Act for permission and approval to abandon its 
participation in an exchange of natural gas with Arkla Energy Resources 
Company (Arkla), which was authorized in Docket No. CP75-141, all as 
more fully set forth in the application on file with the Commission and 
open to public inspection.
    Natural proposes to abandon its exchange with Arkla under the terms 
of an exchange agreement dated July 5, 1974, as amended, on file with 
the Commission as Natural's Rate Schedule X-53. It is stated that 
Natural and Arkla no longer require the exchange, under which they are 
authorized to exchange gas at various points in Texas and Oklahoma. 
Natural states that it has received Arkla's agreement to terminate the 
exchange in a letter agreement dated August 20, 1993. It is further 
stated that Arkla has filed an application for abandonment of its 
participation in the exchange in Docket No. CP94-7-000. It is asserted 
that no gas has been exchanged under the agreement for several years 
and that no imbalances exist. It is stated that no facilities are 
proposed to be abandoned.
    Any person desiring to be heard or to make any protest with 
reference to said application should on or before February 28, 1994, 
file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 
20426, a motion to intervene or a protest in accordance with the 
requirements of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure (18 
CFR 385.214 or 385.211) and the Regulations under the Natural Gas Act 
(18 CFR 157.10). All protests filed with the Commission will be 
considered by it in determining the appropriate action to be taken but 
will not serve to make the protestants parties to the proceeding. Any 
person wishing to become a party to a proceeding or to participate as a 
party in any hearing therein must file a motion to intervene in 
accordance with the Commission's Rules.
    Take further notice that, pursuant to the authority contained in 
and subject to the jurisdiction conferred upon the Federal Energy 
Regulatory Commission by sections 7 and 15 of the Natural Gas Act and 
the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure, a hearing will be 
held without further notice before the Commission or its designee on 
this application if no motion to intervene is filed within the time 
required herein, if the Commission on its own review of the matter 
finds that permission and approval for the proposed abandonment are 
required by the public convenience and necessity. If a motion for leave 
to intervene is timely filed, or if the Commission on its own motion 
believes that a formal hearing is required, further notice of such 
hearing will be duly given.
    Under the procedure herein provided for, unless otherwise advised, 
it will be unnecessary for Natural to appear or be represented at the 
Lois D. Cashell,
[FR Doc. 94-3196 Filed 2-10-94; 8:45 am]
BILLING CODE 6717-01-M  

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