Approval of Withdrawal of Thirty-Three Federal Information Processing Standards Publications


The purpose of this notice is to announce that the Secretary of Commerce has approved the withdrawal of thirty-three Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publications.

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SUMMARY: The purpose of this notice is to announce that the Secretary 
of Commerce has approved the withdrawal of thirty-three Federal 
Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publications.
    On September 3, 1996, notice was published in the Federal Register 
(61 FR 46444-46445) proposing withdrawal of thirty-two Federal 
Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publications. Thirty-one of the 
thirty-two FIPS proposed for withdrawal are being withdrawn by this 
    In addition, FIPS 147, Group 3 Facsimile Apparatus for Document 
Transmission, and 174, Federal Building Telecommunications Wiring 
Standard, are withdrawn by this notice. These standards were proposed 
for revision in the Federal Register (61 FR 10986-10992 dated March 18, 
1996, and 61 FR 15783-15785 dated April 9, 1996), but are being 
withdrawn instead.
    These thirty-three FIPS are being withdrawn because they are 
obsolete, or have not been updated to adopt current voluntary industry 
standards. Federal agencies and departments are directed by the 
National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995, Public Law 
104-113, to use technical standards that are developed in voluntary 
consensus standards bodies. Consequently, there no longer is a need for 
FIPS that duplicate voluntary industry standards.
    The written comments submitted by interested parties and other 
material available to the Department relevant to these publications 
were reviewed by NIST. On the basis of this review, NIST recommended 
that the Secretary approve the withdrawal of the thirty-three FIPS 
Publications, and prepared a detailed justification document for the 
Secretary's review in support of that recommendation.
    The detailed justification document which was presented to the 
Secretary is part of the public record and is available for inspection 
and copying in the Department's Central Reference and Records 
Inspection Facility, Room 6020, Herbert C. Hoover Building, 14th Street 
between Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, NW., Washington, DC 
    This notice provides only the FIPS publication number, title, and 
the technical specifications number for each of the thirty-three FIPS 
Publications being withdrawn:

--FIPS 1-2, Code for Information Interchange, Its Representations, 
Subsets, and Extension (ANSI X3.4-1986/R1992, X3.32-1990, X3.41-1990)
--FIPS 11-3, Guideline: American National Dictionary for Information 
Systems (ANSI X3.172-1990 & X3.172A-1992)
--FIPS 16-1, Bit Sequencing of Code for Information Interchange in 
Serial-By-Bit Data Transmission (ANSI X3.15-1976/R1983&R1990)
--FIPS 17-1, Character Structure and Character Parity Sense for Serial-
By-Bit Data Communication in the Code for Information Interchange (ANSI 
X3.16-1976/(1983 & R1990)
--FIPS 19-2, Catalog of Widely Used Code Sets
--FIPS 22-1, Synchronous Signaling Rates Between Data Terminal and Data 
Communication Equipment (ANSI X3.1-1976)
--FIPS 34, Guide for the Use of International System of Units (SI) in 
Federal Information Processing Standards Publications
--FIPS 49, Guideline on Computer Performance Management: An 
--FIPS 57, Guidelines for the Measurement of Interactive Computer 
Service Response Time and Turnaround Time
--FIPS 58-1, Representations of Local Time of the Day for Information 
Interchange (ANSI X3.43-1986)
--FIPS 59, Representations of Universal Time, Local Time Differentials, 
and United States Time Zone References for Information Interchange 
(ANSI X3.51-1975)
--FIPS 68-2, BASIC (ANSI X3.113-1987)
--FIPS 70-1, Representation of Geographic Point Locations for 
Information Interchange (ANSI X3.61-1986)
--FIPS 75, Guideline on Constructing Benchmarks for ADP System 
--FIPS 76, Guideline for Planning and Using a Data Dictionary System
--FIPS 77, Guideline for Planning and Management of Database 
--FIPS 86, Additional Controls for Use with American National Standard 
Code for Information Interchange (ANSI X3.64-1979/R1990)
--FIPS 88, Guideline on Integrity Assurance and Control in Database 
--FIPS 94, Guideline on Electrical Power for ADP Installations
--FIPS 96, Guideline for Developing and Implementing a Charging System 
for Data Processing Services
--FIPS 99, Guideline: A Framework for the Evaluation and Comparison of 
Software Development Tools
--FIPS 104-1, ANS Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries, 
Dependencies, and Areas of Special Sovereignty for Information 
--FIPS 109, Pascal (ANSI/IEEE 770X3.97-1983/R1900)
--FIPS 110, Guideline for Choosing a Data Management Approach
--FIPS 123, Specification for a Data Descriptive File for Information 
Interchange (DDF) (ANSI/ISO 8211-1985/R1992)
--FIPS 124, Guideline on Functional Specifications for Database 
Management Systems
--FIPS 126, Database Language NDL (ANSI X3.133-1986)
--FIPS 147, Group 3 Facsimile Apparatus for Document Transmission
--FIPS 152, Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) (ISO 8879-1986)
--FIPS 156, Information Resource Dictionary System (IRDS) (ANSI X3.138-
--FIPS 157, Guideline for Quality Control of Image Scanners (ANSI/AIIM 
--FIPS 158-1, The User Interface Component of the Applications 
Portability Profile (MIT X Version 11, Release 5)
--FIPS 174, Federal Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard (ANSI/

EFFECTIVE DATE: This withdrawal is effective July 29, 1997.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Shirley Radack, National Institute 
of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899, telephone (301) 

    Authority: Federal Information Processing Standards Publications 
(FIPS PUBS) are issued by the National Institute of Standards and 
Technology after approval by the Secretary of Commerce pursuant to 
Section 5131 of the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 
1996 and the Computer Security Act of 1987, Pub. L. 104-106.

    Dated: July 22, 1997.
Elaine Bunten-Mines,
Director, Program Office.
[FR Doc. 97-19839 Filed 7-28-97; 8:45 am]

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