Concession Contracts and Permits: Expiring Contracts; Extension


Pursuant to the terms of existing concession contracts, public notice is hereby given that the National Park Service intends to request a continuation of visitor services until December 31, 2003, or until such time as a new contract is awarded, whichever occurs sooner.

Supplementary information:

The contracts listed below have been extended to the maximum allowable under 36 CFR 51.23. Under the provisions of current concession contracts and pending the development and public solicitation of a prospectus for a new concession contract, the National Park Service authorizes continuation of visitor services for a period not-to-exceed December 31, 2002, or until such time as a new contract is awarded, whichever occurs sooner, under the terms and conditions of current contracts as amended. The continuation of operations does not affect any rights with respect to selection for award of a new concession contract.

Concessioner ID No.Concessioner namePark
DEVA001 Amfac Hotels Resorts Death Valley National Park.
DEVA002 Amfac Hotels Resorts Death Valley National Park.
GOGA001 Blue Gold Fleet, LP Golden Gate NRA.
GOGA008 Louis' Restaurant Golden Gate NRA.
LAME002 Lakeshore Trailer Village Lake Mead NRA.
LAME003 Seven Resorts, Inc. (Lake Mead Resort) Lake Mead NRA.
LAME005 Forever Resorts, Inc. (Callvile Bay) Lake Mead NRA.
LAME006 Las Vegas Boat Harbor Lake Mead NRA.
LAME008 Overton Beach Resort Lake Mead NRA.
LAME010 Seven Resorts, Inc. (Echo Bay Resort) Lake Mead NRA.
MUWO001 ARAMARK Leisure Muir Woods National Monument.
OLYM001 ARAMARK Corp. Olympic National Park.
OLYM005 Crescent West, Inc. Olympic National Park.
OLYM008 Sol Duc Hot Springs Olympic National Park.

Effective date:

January 2, 2003.

For further information contract:

Cynthia Orlando, Concession Program Manager, National Park Service, 1849 C Street, NW., (2410), Washington, DC, 20240, Telephone 202/513-7144.

Dated: November 26, 2002. Richard M. Cripe,

Associate Director, Administration, Workforce Development and Business Practices.

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